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I am hunter kitty... fear me or something!

Much like a Lion in the deepest, darkest depths of the African jungle, I am stalking my ever elusive prey.
Nothing escapes my attention.
I am poised to deal my swift mortal blow, even if it means placing my own life at risk.
My muscles quiver.
My tail twitches,
my eyes stay affixed.
And just at the right moment, with a full bloodthirsty cry to the memory of my predatory ancestors in the wild, I pounce on the fuzzy catnip-impregnated mouse toy with unerring instinct. For you see, we cats are well aware we are come from a long line of fierce hunters. We know we have a noble tradition to uphold.

Now excuse me, the female dropped an ice cube in the kitchen. I must go kill this wild game and impress the female with my vicious ferocity!
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